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L’École comestible Provence


L’École comestible Provence

L'école comestible Provence - Association Escola Manjadis

The project:
to introduce food and taste education, from the ground to the plate, in the schools of Provence and Marseille by proposing educational, ecological and tasty workshops.
The Compagnie Fruitière Foundation supports the development of the association’s local branch in Marseille, which was launched in 2021. The aim of the project is to offer educational workshops for a dozen primary school classes in the northern districts of Marseille.

The organization:
Founded in 2019, the association aims to awaken and educate children to food and taste, from the ground to the plate, by integrating the learning of living with a vegetable garden, explorations and manipulations around the stages of the act of feeding (seeds, compost, the table, nutrition, etc..).
The interventions are done in the form of a cycle of workshops.

  • 250 children on 2022/2023 schoolyear
  • 10 new classes
  • 6 workshops per class per year
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