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About us

Sustainable food is a growing challenge in both the Northern and the Southern countries, it is one of the major questions in recent news.

After a decade of action in the fields of health, education, culture and the environment in France and internationally, the Foundation is now primarily committed to promoting access to healthy and environmentally friendly food.

To establish this vision, we work in Marseille and in 4 West African countries (Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Senegal) by providing our support to high-impact projects.

At the same time, the Compagnie Fruitière Fundation is pursuing several commitments:

  • initiatives to strengthen the commitment of the Group’s employees for general interest;
  • partnerships between companies in Marseille, to help vulnerable populations;
  • an artistic exchange program between Marseille and West Africa.

Depending on the context, the Fundation may decide to broaden its scope of action, particularly to countries facing emergency situations, particularly in times of food and/or environmental crises.



Access to healthy food, respectful of biodiversity and ecosystems.


We act for the dignity and development of vulnerable populations by enabling access to healthy and sustainable food for all.


We support, in Marseille and in Africa, the solution providers in the field of nutrition that are working for the improving the health of vulnerable populations in respect of each ecosystem.



Strive for excellence for the benefit of the people we serve by continually evaluating our impact and that of the organizations we fund.


Aim for the well-being of the populations for which we act in priority, while building respectful working relationships with the operators in the field.


Giving the best of ourselves serving a cause which implies carrying the word of our beneficiaries and bringing together all the forces useful for change.


Establish long-term relationships of trust. Cultivating human warmth in our relationships. Believe in our collective capacity to act effectively, by focusing on local skills.

Where we operate

The foundation supports projects in Africa, mainly Cameroon, the Ivory Coast, Ghana and Senegal.
In France, we exclusively provide financial support to projects in Marseille.
Depending on the circumstances, the Foundation may decide to broaden its scope of action, particularly to countries facing emergency situations, especially following food and/or environmental crises.
Depending on the international context, the Foundation may decide to broaden its scope of action, notably to countries facing emergency situations, particularly food insecurity and climate catastrophes.



Board of Directors

Marie-Pierre FABRE
President of the Board
Jérôme FABRE
CEO – Compagnie Fruitière
Chief of Staff – Compagnie Fruitière


Marie-Pierre FABRE
Emilie RICAN
General delegate
Project manager and communications
Christelle OWONA
Project manager

La Compagnie Fruitière

A family business founded in 1938 in Marseille, the Compagnie Fruitière is the main producer of fruit in Africa – mainly bananas and pineapples – sold throughout Europe.

The company was initially built around the trading of fruit from Africa and then gradually integrated new trades throughout the chain:

  • producer with its own plantations in Africa and Latin America
  • maritime carrier with a dedicated fleet of specialized vessels
  • fruit distributor in Europe and Africa with the largest network of banana ripening facilities in Europe

Employing 22,000 people, mainly in its African plantations (in Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Ghana and Senegal), but also in Latin America (Ecuador), the Compagnie Fruitière committed itself very early on to a proactive CSR approach. As such, it has set up numerous economic and social development initiatives in the countries where it operates.

To broaden the scope of these actions, Compagnie Fruitière Foundation was created in 2012.

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Jérôme Fabre, Marie-Pierre Fabre & Robert Fabre.


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