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Réseau Étincelle


Réseau Étincelle

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The Connection Project: from street school to employment

  • It is initiated as part of the Territorial Action Grant deployed by Break Poverty & Marseille Solutions in order to mobilize companies to finance associative projects in favor of the prevention and fight against poverty
  • It is supported by a collective of 3 structures – including Reseau Etincelle – which in synergy offer a tailor-made course for young “so-called dropouts” aged 18 to 21 from the Consolat Ruisseau Mirabeau district in Marseille 13015.

The association

Reseau Etincelle – a pioneering association committed to the integration of young people known as “dropouts” – has the mission, through an innovative educational approach, to re-mobilize these young people who have broken away from school, to contribute to their socio-professional integration and to participate to the rapprochement between the world of youth and that of business.

Key figures
  • Number of animated training courses: 6 in total
    • 3 in 2023 / 2024 (December / June & December)
    • 2 in 2025 (June & December)
    • 1 in 2026 (June)
  • Number of young people remobilized: 15 on average per training course, i.e. 90 young people
  • Completion rate: 85% (% of young people who complete the entire educational course)
  • Rate of young people who have changed their outlook on the business world (experience Réseau Etincelle training in business): 80%
  • Rate of young people becoming entrepreneurs of their life: 60% at 6 months, which breaks down as follows:
    • In employment
    • In professional training course
    • In a structuring integration process (Youth Engagement Contract, Civic Service, etc.)
  • Number of professionals (managers and employees) mobilized: 60 in total, or on average 10 per training course.
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