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Le Talus – Urban Farm


Le Talus – Urban Farm

Le Talus Urban Farm

The project:

The Sustainable Food Workshops demonstrate that healthy, local, and environmentally friendly food is possible in the city, through theoretical and practical teaching, from market gardening (recognition and choice of edible plants in season) to the preparation of various simple and tasty dishes.
Environmental education will allow discovering and exchanging on agroecology and biodiversity, thanks to the educational supports of Le Talus (agroforestry hedges, pond, beehive, henhouse, bioclimatic greenhouses, collective composters…), while children will be able to awaken to nature and discover gardening techniques respectful of the environment during animations in the Garden.

The organization:

Le Talus is a project focused on sustainable food in a working-class neighborhood where a large part of the inhabitants does not have access to quality local products. The objective is to make the place a living space centered on the benefits of edible vegetation in the city, both for food and for the social link.
The educational dimension seeks to reach all target audiences (schoolchildren, youth, adults, retirees …) by diversifying the tools of awareness and training on agroecology and responsible food.

  • 700 beneficiaries of all ages per year
  • One permanent educational manager
  • Partnership with 6 socio-educational structures
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